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ATW - Actors That Work SM

ATW - Actors That WorkSM is the creation and property of Jim Bonney. The goal of ATW is to support and develop each actor's career leading towards professional work. ATW has three main parts:

  • The first part is audition techniques, interviews, cold readings, monologues, script analysis, speed memorization, and on- and off-camera.
  • The second part is meeting and connection with talent agents, casting directors, and producers. An industry guest will be hired by the group to be interviewed and to audition the members of the group and provide feedback on their work, head shots, and resumes.
  • The third part is the expression of feelings and support of the group for the other members concerning each actor's current career progress.

Join ATWSM - Actors That Work
Are you ready to work as a professional actor this year? Yes, you can go out on your own and try to get the right information and try to meet the right people, or we can do it faster together right here at the Jim Bonney Acting Studio. My personal goal is to see you working professionally, getting union cards, and having representation. Actors That WorkSM is three Classes in one: 1) Auditioning, Interviewing, Business of Acting. 2) Meeting Agents & Casting people. 3) Support Group. Actors That Work (ATW) is a proven way to get these results and you are invited to join us. Call for an interview/audition only if you are ready to work as an actor. For more information check our our class descriptions and class schedule.

Artistic Directors at ATWSM - Actors That Work

  • Jim Bonney, Film & Stage Coach, Director & Teacher, 22 yrs experience
    Recently worked as acting coach/associate producter/actor on the new feature "SPY" starring Vincent Pastore, "Sopranos" and Benjamin Curtis,"Bell Kid"

  • Charles Messina, Writer & Director
    "Spy", Director, "Cirque Jacqueline", Writer/Producer/Co-Director, "The Battle", Now in production: "The Great Divide"

    We wanted to thank you for your valuable contribution to the SPY feature film production. Having you as our "on-set" and "off-set" acting coach was a rela benefit to our actors and to our production. We hope we have an opportuniyt to work together again.
    James MacPherson, Alex Klymklo, Elana Pianko
    SPY Productions, LLC

    Thank you for your excellent performance as FBI man "Elvis" in the feature film "SPY". Your unique acting talents and experience in the dramatic arts was a real asset to the film.
    Thanks again.
    James MacPherson, Alex Klymklo, Elana Pianko
    SPY Productions, LLC

Why ATWSM Works
ATWSM is the next step to connect your art with business after completing your two year MeisnerPlus program. The unique atmosphere of Actors That WorkSM gives the performer tools to move his/her career forward:

      1. We meet every week and support each other in our goal of working in the business.
      2. We learn from the guidelines and examples presented by the leader and industry guests about how to connect with agents and casting people in the business.
      3. ATWSM serves as a forum to discuss career decisions and questions about the industry.

History of ATWSM - Actors That Work
Actors That WorkSM has achieved tremendous results:

Rebecca Kendall - got a lead role in an Equity regional tour an her Equity card within four months.

Iris Alten - got a guest appearance on the Howard Stern Snow, a speaking part in a major motion picture, and her SAG card.

Member #3 - her work has showcased on the David Letterman Show and she got her SAG card.

Matt Giraldi - got his first lead in an independent film.

Karen Veloce - got an audition for Tony and Tina's wedding and got work on a national commercial.

Bridget Brady - auditioned for a lead role in the Broadway musical "Rent" and is subsequently working with a major New York agent.

Sean Matic - was invited by a major Hollywood agent to two Oscar's parties in Hollywood and has auditioned for three major soap operas in New York.

Andrea Reese - recently opened her one woman show in NYC about Jackie O.

Guests have included agents from Grant Wilfley casting, Don Buchwald & Associates, Leonard Finger, and The Gage Group.

"The Battle"

Congratulations to Charles Messina and Cast & Crew of The Battle for a job well done!

Read the NYNewsDay Review* of "The Battle"
*To view the review make sure you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.


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