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Finally, a way to connect to your emotional life that works! Use this Audio CD to prepare for auditions, to open emotionally to songs, go deeper with meanings, and create emotional power!

Jim Bonney's Emotional Preparations for the Actor:
How to Get Into the Emotional Life of a Scene
Jim Bonney


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  • Hit those emotional notes with ease
  • Go from dull to excited

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Show Business WeeklyCD Review
by John Rowell
Showbusiness Weekly
No. 217
March 12 - 18, 2003


     As every good actor knows, a successful performance begins with preparation, and each actor has his or her own method— usually a combination of methods culled from various teachers and acting classes. In New York acting teacher Jim Bonney's new CD, Bonney puts the influence on "emotional preparation"—a step-by-step process that helps the actor to get an emotional life going before the scene begins or the camera starts to roll, or even before he or she walks into the audition room.
     Using a variety of guided imagery paired with subtle music, Bonney, with his patented, calming "acting teacher" voice, leads students through exercises to connect them to what he calls "the four main emotional lines": anger, sadness (including pain and loss), fear, and happiness. The process is simple enough to follow, and seems sensible and practical in its application—those really are, it would seem, the primary emotional states for an actor to be able to access. Bonney doesn't push a wacky revolutionary approach; his exercises and imagery are basic and elemental, and that's a good thing. Good actors are aware that simplicity and an emotional connection to the life of a character and a scene are what is called for in the most fundamental sense—and is often the most difficult thing to achieve.
     And even though, while listening to all of this objectively, it's sometimes hard not to think about the famous/infamous song "Nothing" from A Chorus Line in which acting exercises are mercilessly ridiculed, it doesn't detract from the CD's overall effectiveness. (I'm convinced that number must still be the bane of serious-minded acting teachers everywhere.) Bonney's exercises, as demonstrated here, are free of pretension and pure in concept, and this CD should prove to be helpful and instructive to actors looking to fine-tune their approach to emotional preparation.

SHOWBUSINESS WEEKLY: The Original Casting Weekly for the Performing Arts

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$2.00 NY Metro Area

Product Details:
  Excerpt: Welcome to Emotional Preparations for the Actor: How to Get Into the Emotional Life of a Scene. Using guided imagery, I will lead you through the four main emotional lines you need to access your own emotional life. My speaking voice and specially created music are combined to have specific effects on your imaginary world. You can choose to participate in the actual classroom experience or you can listen to my voice alone. The imaginary circumstances presented on this CD are examples used to show a methodology that works when used with sound and movement. Once you have learned this process, you can use any imaginary circumstance that works for you. This work is creative and opens up your emotional life. Good luck in your journey!
Jim Bonney

Student Quotes:

"Jim has helped me make major emotional breakthroughs. He teaches with great sensitivity and has assisted me in gaining the confidence necessary to sustain success in the business."
Dan Cooney, Yale Drama School
Les Miserables, on Broadway, and
Evita National Tour

"Jim is guiding me into rooms inside myself which I've kept locked for years or forgotten completely. He's brought my work to a whole new level of authenticity."
John Hickok, Broadway Star, Zoser in "Aida"

"Jim Bonney is a dedicated, caring artist who challenges his students to become more than they are. My connection to character became deep; I became honest and went deep in my work. I became the actor I wanted to be."
Jeff Denman, Broadway Cast, "How to Succeed...Dream" and "The Producers"

"Since working with Jim Bonney I have found my voice both professionally and personally. He is helping me to become the actress I was born to be."
Ruthie Henshall, Broadway Star,
"Putting It Together" and "Chicago"

"I found Jim Bonney's Emotional/Instrument workshop wonderfully effective in helping actors develop spontaneity, emotional freedom, and heightened sensitivity to others. He is a dynamic and invigorating teacher."
Jack Poggi, Actor/Author of the Best Seller, "The Monologue Workshop"



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