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Jim Bonney Acting Studio
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Class Descriptions

Emotional Workshop (Level 1-4):
Put excitement back in your acting! Body and emotional workout class with a focus on group experiences, breathing exercises, and guided imagery to loosen you up and get in touch with your feelings. Learn to identify your feelings, become grounded with your body and emotions, stay out of your head, trust your instinct, and be open to experience the other actor. Individual needs are addressed. This is process work whereby a series of actions, changes, or functions bring about a particular result. Workshops meet twice weekly, year round. Call to reserve a space. See schedule
Prerequisite: New students must interview with the instructor prior to attendance.

Private Coaching/Auditioning:
Private sessions to improve your monologues, cold readings, auditions, performances. Intensive role preparation, scene work, and cabaret development. Call to schedule an interview/audition. Morning and Evening schedule available.


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