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Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a therapeutic process that unifies body-centered psychotherapy with spiritual discovery. It integrates the body, mind, and emotions with the will and spirit. Learn to use every part of your body and your feelings to become more powerful and grounded while expanding your consciousness. The answer to your acting is in your passion and soul. Achieve your fullest expression in acting and in life through Core Energetic training. Hourly private sessions by appointment. Day & Evening times available.

Jim Bonney is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Core Energetic Therapist. Graduating the professional program in 1994, he went on to complete the first 5th year postgraduate program in Core Energetics. Jim has been a Core Energetic Therapist for over ten years and works with both actors and civilians. The Institute for Core Energetics is located at 115 East 23rd Street in New York City. Mr. Bonney has run groups and been on the faculty at the Institute.

If you are interested in working with Jim Bonney in Core Energetics, please call 212 896 5001 or 631 760 2341 to schedule an appointment.

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