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Student Quotes

"Score one for the team. I booked a costar role on VIP... I got to give credit where it is deserved and that is to you. Something you told me stuck in my head that made the most sense of the whole process. Show up and do the work. That simple phrase was the best thing I learned. It took me a good year and a half as soon as I got out here to LA to join SAG, build up a resume, and find the right agent. Now things are happening. So I just want to thank you, and if there is advice I can give to your fellow students it's the two years and if you want to go the rest of the way move out to LA, but never forget that guy Jim Bonney, cause that guy knows something!"

Jack Benza, Costar, "V.I.P."

Andrea Reese"I'm forever grateful to Jim Bonney for his brilliant teaching, which dramatically improved both my career and the rest of my life. After studying acting for many years and having only a mildly successful career, I went to Jim's 2-Year Meisner program, and my career came alive. Since graduating from Jim's studio, I've had numerous lead roles in independent films, plays, commercials, and industrials. Jim taught me how to access my emotions and feed them through my characters. He inspired me to be courageous and go the distance with my work, and he gave me the tools to take on any acting challenges. I've frequently been cast in roles for which I did not fit the casting descriptions at all, and this is because of the exceptional training I got from Jim. I still coach with Jim on every major role, including my current role as "Jackie O" in a one-woman show I wrote myself. Jim's creativity, expertise, and dedication to teaching are unsurpassable."

Andrea Reese, Actress/Playwright, "Cirque Jacqueline"

Christopher Fabbro"Jim's 2-year program dramatically transformed my acting. He taught me to expand beyond my self-imposed limitations and to use my limitless imagination. His class gave me confidence not only in my acting, but in life. After applying his technique professionally for several years, I have now found the courage to develop my one-person show about John Wilkes Booth, something I would never have considered before Jim."

Christopher Fabbro, Actor/Playwright,
"The Most Famous Man in America"

Lisa Kapler"Jim's priceless care and commitment creates the environment for full expression at any level of work one chooses to do."

Lisa Kapler, actress and former student
Professional Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist at Crosby Photography



Lisa Kapler"Not only has Jim Bonney taught me the essentials of acting, he has given me the priceless keys I can use to access my feelings, my truth, and my heart. What makes his work so innovative is that he focuses not only on the acting craft itself, but also on the instrument (the body); the energy and emotional life that mkes us each our own unique, powerful selves. I have not seen such work done anywhere else, ever."

Robin Michele, actress and former student
Feature film in production, starring as principal character "Eva" in Hot Lunch

"Jim is guiding me into rooms inside myself which I've kept locked for years or forgotten completely. He's brought my work to a whole new level of authenticity."

John Hickok, Broadway Star, Zoser in "Aida"

"Since working with Jim Bonney I have found my voice both professionally and personally. He is helping me to become the actress I was born to be."

Ruthie Henshall, Broadway Star, "Putting It Together" and "Chicago"

"Jim has helped me make major emotional breakthroughs. He teaches with great sensitivity and has assisted me in gaining the confidence necessary to sustain success in the business."

Dan Cooney, Yale Drama School, "Che" (Star of "Evita") National Tour

"Jim Bonney is a dedicated, caring artist who challenges his students to become more than they are. My connection to character became deep; I became honest and went deep in my work. I became the actor I wanted to be."

Jeff Denman, Broadway Cast, "How to Succeed...Dream" and "The Producers"

"Jim is a coach who gives with great talent and instinct."

Jimmy Georgiades Star of "Tony & Tina's Wedding" and "Law & Order" TV Series

"Jim has not only opened my heart to my career, but also to my life."

Maria Ralabate on Broadway in "Cats" as Rumpleteaser

"Jim Bonney has given me the vision and understanding on how to achieve any goal by using the simple principals of hard work and discipline."

Peter Austin Noto, Cast member "Saturday Night Live" and Radio City Music Hall "Jesus Was His Name"

"I found Jim Bonney's Emotional/Instrument workshop wonderfully effective in helping actors develop spontaneity, emotional freedom, and heightened sensitivity to others. He is a dynamic and invigorating teacher."

Jack Poggi, Actor/Author of the Best Seller, "The Monologue Workshop"


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